Automotive Tips : carbureted or injected

BMW M20 engine in BMW Museum: Carbureted or Injected?

More than once we have heard this question, which is better? … the cars carbureted or injected? The answer is simple and simple: “The system that you like the most”.

The tendency of most car manufacturers is to improve. Each of their models and thus help fuel economy and reduce polluting gases to the environment.

This development forces, in a certain way, vehicle manufacturers to create and innovate more precise components and of a different nature from mechanics.

In years ago, the vehicles were manufactured in 85% with mechanisms. Nowadays, of the total of a vehicle, 60% are mechanical elements and 40% are electrical and electronic components.

Before the 80’s, it was a bit simple to repair engines. And simple to adjust the engines and the different mechanisms of a car. This is the main reason why many car lovers prefer carburetor engines. Because they can adjust them themselves, give them maintenance and in this way, repair them with the confidence that they themselves did what was needed.

After the 80’s, it was common to see vehicles circulating with the first injection systems.  For many not being able to maintain the new systems was what made them continue with engines that included carburetors or. They made them return to old versions (They adapted a carburetor).

The benefits of a car with electronic fuel injection system are many.

At present, there are educational and technical training centers that help in the learning and practice of the new electronic fuel injection systems; tools such as websites and applications for smartphones, are of great help in the diagnosis of injected vehicles.

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