Marcedez benz engine M256 six cylinder

Mercedes puts back on six-cylinder

November 22, 2016

Mercedes brings the good, old six-cylinder series back to the luxury class . The E- and S-Class in particular benefit from the new engine generation – but there are also new four-cylinder units derived from it. The long-standing design is appreciated by many customers, especially for their smoothness. But that alone did not make the […]

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510 Horses In The Mercedes-AMG Sprinter 63S!

510 horses in the Mercedes-AMG Sprinter 63S!

May 27, 2015

For express moves and busy craftsmen, Mercedes-AMG Sprinter 63S has just taken care of the Sprinter, and added more than 500 hp. Unless… ¬†While the range of Mercedes-AMG Sprinter 63S badged vehicles has greatly increased in recent years, especially with the arrival of the Class A 45 AMG, never a utility had been entitled to […]

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