Abnormal oil consumption: the list of risk engines

oil consumption: toyota sienta

If the engines naturally consume oil, some fish excessively greed. In exclusivity, the experts of Argus draw up the list of those who can pose problem of abnormal oil consumption.

It was believed that evil was eradicated. Still, it continues to do damage, especially on gasoline engines. Among the fifteen brands concerned Renault / Nissan, PSA, Toyota, and Volkswagen are at the top of the list.

A year and a half after our first investigation on this subject , it is clear that the problem is staining. First in the PSA group (Citroën, DS, and Peugeot).

On the Peugeot 208, the 1.0 and 1.2 can eat oil on models produced until August 2016.

Thus, the three-cylinder engines 1.0 VTi of 68 hp (whose production was stopped in 2016) and 1.2 VTi of 82 hp are distinguished by their gluttony in oil, a cute sin which already characterized the blocks of the old generation (1.4 /1.6 VTi and 1.6 THP).

The confidential technical notes sent to the networks in early 2017, which we managed to obtain, reveal two anomalies on these engines corrected respectively in August and November 2016 (download the article below our survey for more details).

Alert Abnormal oil consumption at Renault

On the side of the Renault-Nissan group, the symptoms encountered on the four-cylinder 1.2 TCe have led the manufacturer. The symptoms encountered on the four-cylinder 1.2 TCe have led the to carry out a detailed analysis since 2014. If at the time the number of customer cases remained quite low, the machine became packaged with aging vehicles put on the road.

The 1.2 TCe 125 from Dacia Duster may tend to consume oil.

At the root of the problem, a faulty calibration of the engine ECU. The solution is to reprogram the computer to reduce abnormal oil consumption. Unfortunately, if the vehicle is not restored in time, the wear of the segments increases and causes irreversible damage to the engine due to lack of lubrication.  If the 1.2 has been corrected on the production line, what about there hundreds of thousands of vehicles circulating in Europe? Nissan launched in January a service campaign to reprogram the calculator to limit the breakage. A lesser evil.

Neither seen nor known of Abnormal oil consumption

But the brand did not seem wise to inform its customers of this corrigendum. The dealers implement only when the vehicles pass the workshop. The red card also to Dacia and Renault, which, at the time of writing, has still not put in place corrective action. Same for the brands of the PSA and Volkswagen groups. Therefore, a little advice is needed: watch the oil level of these engines like milk on the fire

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