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Mercedes S Class: the closest thing to a spa on wheels

Mercedes S Class: the closest thing to a spa on wheels

March 23, 2017

Mercedes has many renowned models, but if there is one that represents the traditional values of the brand is the Mercedes S Class. The sedan combines luxury, comfort, technology and, according to versions, power. The flagship does not lose bellows, so the German brand has left almost the same packaging and has focused its efforts […]

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The 5 fluids of the car that you should check

The 5 fluids of the car that you should check (and do not do)

November 23, 2016

Throughout the year, cold or hot, every so often you should check the levels of the car’s liquids. It depends on them that the engine works well and you do not have to visit the workshop ahead of time and with consequences, generally, more serious than desired. OIL The lubricant is one of the fluids […]

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Hybrid is no longer enough - turnaround at Toyota

Toyota’s first electric car will be a compact model

November 23, 2016

Toyota and electric cars – that did not fit together so far. The Japanese car giant was full on hybrid and wanted to start in the future with the fuel cell. But now Toyota wants to get into the mass production of electric cars. According to a report by the Japanese business paper “Nikkei”, the […]

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Marcedez benz engine M256 six cylinder

Mercedes puts back on six-cylinder

November 22, 2016

Mercedes brings the good, old six-cylinder series back to the luxury class . The E- and S-Class in particular benefit from the new engine generation – but there are also new four-cylinder units derived from it. The long-standing design is appreciated by many customers, especially for their smoothness. But that alone did not make the […]

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The 14 cars that inspired the world of fashion

September 21, 2016

A few weeks ago the final finish of the Citroën C4 Cactus was presented, a very special one because it did not refer only to the level of equipment, but to the company with which it was designed. In this case, it was Rip Curl, a very fashionable clothing brand among surfers: to practice it […]

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2016 Kia Sportage Platinum front 3/4.

Getting started with the new Kia Sportage

February 23, 2016

The new generation of Kia Sportage, aims to do just as well as the one it replaces . A major success for the South Korean brand, Kia Sportage alone accounted for 25% of Kia Motors sales in the Old Continent in 2014, ie 97,000 units. The renewal of this key model in the Kia range […]

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Reliability : list of automotive engine failures since 2010

Reliability :The black list of automotive engine failures since 2010

January 23, 2016

Turbo seized, injectors or HS water pump, over-consumption of oil, broken distribution … are all defects attributable to modern engines. Proof is in our exclusive survey to download for free. More reliable, our engines? Warranty company reports, such as manufacturer’s technical notes, tend to prove otherwise. Our experts give you a blacklist of the automotive engine versions to watch […]

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BMW generates expectations with the Concept BMW Compact Sedan

December 23, 2015

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of Design at BMW Group, said: ” The Concept BMW Compact Sedan shows the potential we see in a compact saloon […] It not only gives the driver and passengers a generous space in a compact size; also the sportsmanship that one expects from BMW and the elegance found […]

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View Car Mountain White Spring Peugeot 208 Blue

Peugeot 208: still sharp and much more technological

November 5, 2015

predecessor and aesthetically This new phase does not bring changes that immediately jump to the eye. It takes a wiser eye or knowing the vehicle to identify the changes that are the new internal drawing of optics, black and chrome bi-tone for the front and the new 3D visual signature at the back to accentuate […]

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The automotive technology

September 28, 2015

The automotive technology is a field that has achieved a very important advance in recent years, making vehicles created today can have better features. advances in computer technology and its application to motor vehicles. The success of automotive technology professionals must keep up with the ever evolving sophistication. Automotive technology focuses on the construction, inspection, maintenance […]

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