Peugeot Partner Tepee: a good family car that gets up to date

Peugeot Partner Tepee: a good family car that gets up to date

The second day takes place in the new phase of the Peugeot Partner Tepee. As a reminder, this new version was this year in world premiere at the Salon d ‘ Algiers is the importance of this appointment for this model. This is the Outdoor version available to us, the version that is placed just below the Allure, the one that covers the Partner range.

This new phase of the Partner has been groomed to comply with the new brand identity, a facelift focused primarily on the front. And there, unlike the 208, the difference immediately jumps to the eyes since the shield all smooth gives way this time to a grille clearly visible – a bit too much will say some – to the chrome contours, a set naturally inspired by the latest models of the mark and which this time incorporates the lion in its center.

The optics keep the same shape but the internal design has been modified to differentiate the VP versions of the VU, the LED daytime running lights have been repositioned in the lower part of the new shield and, as for the new phase, the fog lights lose their outline in favor of a larger set and which also aims to give an impression of largesse and robustness. The stern is identical to the previous phase except for the appearance of a new shoe “tinted alumina grained mass” on versions with rear flap.

Inside and out, an element immediately jumps to the eye – this is the 7 “color touchscreen at the top of the center console that contrasts with the orange display. ‘another time of the air conditioning. The 7-inch touchscreen is the same that is available on all models, not the Peugeot brand, but simply the PSA group. Impossible to miss it, this high position is also convenient since it gives good visibility.

The volume controls and the Menu are not built into the tablet but are placed on top of it. Not always practical but you get used to it. Note also the lack of USB port on this outdoor version as it was mentioned on the data sheet and was present on the Allure versions. The arrangement of the controls of the power windows on both sides of the central console forces a single driver wanting to manipulate the passenger’s window to keep his finger pressed on the button – no pulse function, normal on a utility.

The interior takes advantage of this refreshment to change the color of the dashboard lining that has been reviewed and taken on the front door handles, the outline of the gear lever, in addition to the appearance of a new upholstery on Active and Outdoor.

As for the 208, new technologies are emerging, the implementation of the above-mentioned screen allows to offer the Mirror Link system, “Link My Peugeot” and the rearview camera. It also inaugurates for the first time on this segment in Algeria the “Active City Brake” or “FARC Urbain” which acts in the same way and in the same conditions as on the 208, an equipment which will be available as an option on the Outdoor, Pace and Level 2 on VU.

On the roadside, this Partner Tepee Outdoor, which is only available with the 1.6 HDi of 112 hp in 5-speed manual gearbox, was tested on the way back, from Béjaïa to Algiers via the mountainous roads of Yakouren, so a fairly complete route to discover or rather rediscover his skills. He was up to the task, the block is more than enough for the big size of the beast, a template that feels a bit in the turns, but do not forget that at the base it is about a utility that has been civilized. So by putting things in context, it is more than good on the roads, it is even more comfortable than the 208 in a long way, thanks to its higher driving position. Note, however, the long run of the gear lever, especially to pass the fifth report. This is not new and since there have been no changes on this part, we will not hold them to rigor. In terms of consumption on a round trip of more than 560 km, the vehicle posted a 6.1 liters per 100 km, which is very respectable given the speed and the binding roads confronted.

It’s gone again for a few good years!

Two new phases that bring a breath of fresh air to two models very popular in the Algerian market. With the launch of these new versions of the 208 and the Partner, Peugeot Algeria has enough to cope for a few years with the competition that is becoming increasingly harsh, especially in terms of new models.

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