Reasons to put alloy wheels to your car

The sporty and avant-garde aesthetics, associated with a lighter weight that improves the performance of the suspension, are the reasons that favor them.

There are two main reasons why it is incorporated -or should be incorporated-, alloy wheels in a car, to the detriment of classic sheet metal or steel rings. The first motif goes through a theme of aesthetics. The second goes through a question of functionality directly associated with the suspension system.

Regarding the subject of exterior design, the aesthetic superiority offered by the alloy rings against their increasingly devalued competitors is quite clear: the plate or steel rings. These give the car a sporty and avant-garde look that undoubtedly fits perfectly with modern and dynamic designs. And as is to be expected, both the main automotive companies and lovers of current designs prefer this trend.

Now, when we talk about a topic of functionality in the incorporation of alloy rings in a car, we have to automatically associate it with the set of mechanical elements that are the springs, shock absorbers, arms, ball joints, etc., that constitute the suspension system.

As you know, the main functions of the suspension are to allow the car to move smoothly through the terrain, absorbing road irregularities and providing stability and comfort when driving. The success of these objectives will be closely linked to two new concepts: suspended mass and non-suspended mass.

The suspended mass is one that is isolated from the irregularities of the road thanks to the suspension and is made up of elements such as the engine, the body, and much of the chassis. However, there are parts of the car that do not benefit from the suspension and are exposed to the variability of the land. These would come to form part of the non-suspended mass and are made up of the suspension itself, the shock absorbers and the wheels.

When the non-suspended mass has greater weight, say the wheels, the car loses stability and reduces the efficiency of the suspension system. It is at this point that alloy rings begin to carve. Due to its homogeneous mixture of magnesium and aluminum, these rings are much lighter than those of steel and even that of sheet metal, becoming a strategic partner in the performance of the suspension.

These would be the main reasons why alloy rings should be added to today’s cars.

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