Toyota’s first electric car will be a compact model

Hybrid is no longer enough - turnaround at Toyota

Toyota and electric cars – that did not fit together so far. The Japanese car giant was full on hybrid and wanted to start in the future with the fuel cell. But now Toyota wants to get into the mass production of electric cars.

According to a report by the Japanese business paper “Nikkei”, the first models will hit the market in 2020, in parallel with the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

Electric car from Toyota becomes compact

The vehicle platform could be taken over by the hybrid car Prius or the compact model Corolla, as coverage is provided according to the report, approximately 300 kilometers.

So far, Toyota relies almost exclusively on the hybrid drive to reduce emissions, a large-scale electric car does not exist so far from the Japanese group. The Toyota management has repeatedly stressed not to believe in the purely battery-powered car – the cost is too high, the range is too low.

Hybrid and fuel cell

Between 1997 and 2003, and 2012 and 2014, there was after all a socket variant of the compact SUV RAV4. The model, however, was built only in small series and was above all a concession to the emission standards of the California government.

In addition, Toyota with the Mirai a fuel cell car in the program, which also purely electric drives, but should remain a niche model for the foreseeable future.

Economic considerations play a role

Political regulations now apparently also play a role in the new e-car plans. Among other things, China intends to introduce quotas for emission-free vehicles, which every manufacturer must meet in order to avoid hefty penalties. In addition, the competition is now consistently on the electric car; a new generation of models with significantly improved range should start from about 2018 – Toyota apparently wants to get involved now too.

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