Car lights illuminate little: What to do and what not?

2014 Toyota Avalon Quadrabeam Headlamp : car lights illuminate

At night it is very important that our main car lights illuminate the road well to see where we are going and to see us too. So, it is a problem and a danger that the lights of our car lights illuminate. Generally, this problem is generated by an incorrect alignment of the main bulbs, this can be easily repaired by oneself or by our head mechanic, adjusting the height and direction with the regulating screws that the bulbs have.

This low luminous intensity can also be due to the deterioration of the focus mica due to sun exposure. The polycarbonate of the focus is losing transparency with the passage of time but can be polished with abrasives leaving them practically as new.

Car lights illuminate little: bad Solution

A bad solution that some drivers take is to increase the power of the ampules. If the vehicle uses original ampoules of 55 Watts, they will upload it to a 100-watt bulb. This is not recommended at all for the following reasons:

1- When the watts of the bulb increase twice the temperature of the bulb increases twice as well. Usually the focus where they are installed these bulbs are not designed to dissipate twice the temperature.  For which they were designed, and As a consequence, the ampoule is burned or some part of the focus or socket is melted by excessive heat.

2- Also by raising the power of the bulb rises the current that must carry the cables, these cables were not designed to work at twice the amperage and could cause a fire by overheating.

3- Light switches such as those in the remote control are overheated by the excessive current that passes through them. The change of a telecommand is expensive and in some cases of old vehicles, there is no spare part.

Car lights illuminate little: recommendation

As a recommendation, check the alignment of the main bulbs. Check the electrical installation for loose or dirty connections.  Could lower the intensity of the lights, not raise the power of the bulbs and if still. The problem continues to install some foggers to help the Main lights. The Main lights installed correctly by the automotive electrician.

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