What you need the best winter automotive accessories during the cold season

best winter automotive accessories

Beyond all-wheel-drive systems, driving aids and of course winter tires that help us ride safely during the cold season and in harsh conditions, there’s a host of accessories and products that are available on the market to combat snow and ice and even like winter outings on the road. Some are more essential, while others are more to enhance comfort and enjoyment by car.

Without further ado,  automobill.net brings you here a list of the best winter automotive accessories for your car.

Remote Start
What a joy to board a warmed cabin! If your vehicle already has such a system (with or without a mobile application) when you leave the factory, you are in luck. Otherwise, have a remote starter installed at your dealer by a qualified technician who is familiar with your vehicle.

Heating cushions
Again, if you do not have heated seats in your car, consider buying heating pads. Just plug them in and in a few minutes, you will not have the cold stuff.

Carpets and trays
Protect your vehicle’s carpet from moisture, salt, and sand with a contoured winter mat. Without them, the mold eventually settles and the metal floor under the carpet is more likely to rust. These mats are easy to clean in the sink or carwash. In the trunk, think of a tray or a hardcover to store ski boots, shovels, and other winter articles.

Boxes and supports
If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, you should avoid storing your equipment indoors to avoid overloading the space or risk damaging the trunk or seats. Instead, consider a rigid box or bracket that installs on the roof or at the rear of the vehicle.

Products like Rain-X or Alaskan are great because they melt frost, ice, and light snow in seconds, and prevent buildup. You can apply them to the windshield, side mirrors, side and rear windows, and even windshield wipers.

Adapted snow broom
The broom you keep in the car must be a model that suits your stature and your car. Favor a snow broom with a telescopic handle, a more ergonomic grip and a good scraper at the end.

Lubricants for locks and seals
A silicone-based lubricant lubricates the rubber door seal, allowing it to retain its flexibility and prevent sticking during severe temperature drops. Also, a graphite-based lubricant will prevent your vehicle’s locks from freezing – but leave it at home or in your bag rather than in your glove compartment!

Emergency kit
Winter increases the risk of an accident or getting stuck on the side of the road. In these cases, the emergency kit will be a great help. Ideally, it should contain a small bottle of engine oil and a coolant, booster cables, a telescopic shovel, a tow strap, a mini-compressor for tires and light beacons, but also a lamp pocket, a warm blanket, a toque, all-purpose gloves and a first aid kit.

Traction grids
Enlised in the snow? To avoid unnecessary maneuvering and effort, there’s nothing like traction grids that you’ll slip under the drive wheels of the vehicle. The rest of the time, you can put them in the trunk or under the floor with the spare tire.

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