Accessories for cars that generate expenses and that we really do not need

A month ago we mentioned the equipment that everyone who is about to buy a car should consider, here you can read more. However, we wanted to delve more into the subject and include those who are thinking of making some “fixes” to their vehicle. They know that within the group of expendable accessories for cars there is a subgroup that once placed in the car costs us money … A lot of money!

Accessories for Cars: Wide hoops and low profile wheels

Yes, we know that placing these accessories for cars make our car look more attractive and sporty. However, if you decide to buy wider rings you will need tires with a lower profile by default, that is, you will double spend on a single visit to the store. In addition, this type of tires to have less rubber must be reinforced more and therefore its manufacture is more expensive, so its price is higher.

But that is not all. These tires have a lower profile significantly reduce their comfort, there is less air to absorb road imperfections and the rings are damaged more easily if you hit them while we park or perform any other maneuver. And if that was not enough, its use increases fuel consumption.

Accessories for Cars: Larger brakes

It is one of the most requested extras by all those who want to give a more sporty touch to your car. Now, putting a larger diameter brake disc means that the calipers and pads are also larger, that is, it would be a triple expense. However, any amount of money that is invested in security is well spent, since this type of accessories ensures a more powerful and accurate braking.

Although the standard brakes, that is, with which your car comes, are of good quality and offer you a correct braking, why change them? If you are not going to start a career as a professional pilot spending money on this type of equipment is unnecessary.

Accessories for Cars: Leather upholstery

If we focus only on how it looks, we do not doubt it twice, using it gives a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior of our car. However, once you feel the magic disappears, it is at that moment that we notice all the discomforts that it generates. We would summarize it like this: it is beautiful but useless. Why? In winter they are cold, in summer they get hot, in addition to offering little grip a sudden braking and we go forward.

They also need a very meticulous care with creams and other products that are not cheap at all. If you do not give them the proper maintenance, their wear becomes more and more noticeable, usually, cracks appear that take away all the glamor inside the car.

Then two equipment that can come standard with the car, but analyzing them well qualify as unnecessary …

Accessories for Cars: Integrated GPS

In recent years, most car brands offer a GPS inside the package of car equipment. Being sincere is quite comfortable, you no longer have to carry an extra element and all its accessories. Who does not like this type of comfort, but do we need to be included in the car?

To begin with, why buy us a car with integrated GPS? Yes, now all smartphones have that function. Also, a car without this extra equipment would cost less than one that does. Even, we would not have to take the vehicle to the workshop to update this accessory.

Accessories for Cars: Traction on the four wheels

Do we really need it? If we are only going to drive through the city this type of traction will bring us more disadvantages than advantages. Let’s start with the positive, a car with these mechanical characteristics is safer and firmer on slippery roads, however its fuel consumption, especially if we go around the city, is very high. Not only that. Being always connected to the transmission the tires wear out faster.

If you travel a little with your car and almost always drive only around the city, the four-wheel drive qualifies as unnecessary equipment and you should think twice before buying a vehicle of these characteristics. Now, if you like urban vans more than the sedan, in the market there are many brands that offer this type of car but with simpler traction.

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