Volvo XC60 AWD D5 and T6: comfortably?

Volvo XC60 AWD D5 and T6: comfortably?

After nine years of existence, the success of the XC60 does not falter . On the contrary, it continues to progress in France. Number 1 in its segment , the millionth copy recently came out of the chains. In parallel, the XC90 is also very strong in scoring the BMW X5 panties. After producing 500,000 vehicles worldwide in 2016, ambitions are still on the rise in Gothenburg …

A design taken from the XC90
Volvo would have been wrong to deprive itself. The XC90 is probably the most elegant SUV in its class, this is also the case for his little brother. Some slight differences are still visible as, for example, the front LEDs to the drawing forming the hammer of Thor and joining the grille. In this regard, there are three, each of the Momentum, Inscription and R-Design finishes with its own grille. In total, 13 colors are available in the catalog.

The interior is also specific although the design is similar to that of the Swedish giant. The large central display includes controls (including ventilation) and connectivity elements. A few patriotic touches are scattered in the cockpit: indeed, we find the flag of Sweden on the seats and the dashboard. Finally, know that in France, the rhythm of the orders is for the hour of 50 per week! And yet the competition is tough with the German trio ( Mercedes GLC , Audi Q5 and BMW X3 – not yet renewed), the Jaguar F-Pace and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio .

Interior Volvo XC60 AWD D5
Interior Volvo XC60 AWD D5

The starting point is the Momentum, mainly characterized by 18-inch wheels and fabric seats. In parallel, there is the business for fleets with leather and navigation, among other things. More typical sports, the R-Design has the sports chassis and leather. If you prefer opulent atmospheres, there are the Registration and Luxury Registration, both more expensive. Prices in D5 range from € 53,600 to € 64,830 .

Security access

Safety is the hallmark of Volvo. Integrated into the DNA of the brand, it does not change the approach of autonomous driving. Until then, many driving aids are available (in series or not depending on the level chosen). The three new features are City Safety with steering assistance and collision avoidance, Safe Surround Intelligence and BLIS (Blind Spot Monitoring).

Only 2 liters for the moment
While waiting for a widening of the engines, the launch of the XC60 is done on the powerful engines, but with all for common point to be based on two liters. Modular petrol and diesel engines have definitely replaced the 5 and 6 cylinders of yesteryear. For fans of watts (or tax advantageous …), the T8 combines the power of 2 liters and an electric motor to reach 407 horsepower and 640 Nm. We have not tried it however.

Instead, we handled the T6 320 horsepower and 400 Nm which has the distinction of having a turbo and a compressor (specifically for high speeds). A very rare architecture that we had not seen since the 1.4 TSI Volkswagen, with the exception of the Danish hypercar Zenvo ST1. The performance is there as evidenced by the 0 to 100 km / h shipped in 5.9 seconds. With 176 g / km of CO2, this gasoline block will remain more than marginal in our countries …

The D5 will be more popular although it is still too powerful for everyone. To overcome the lack of the legendary 5-legged, Volvo has made the choice to double the supercharging, but in a more conventional way this time since it is simply a biturbo. With 235 horses for 480 Nm of torque , this diesel is really a great success. Power Pulse technology of recovering exhaust gas in a tank seems effective at low revs. It is quieter than petrol in the acceleration phase and has a nice engine extension.

With box 8
The eight-speed automatic transmission is imposed on these engines. She is already relatively well known, because it equips the BMW pulls and just arrived on the Peugeot 308 restyled. Produced by Aisin, she sees her management modified according to the modes selected (mainly Normal and Dynamic). I regret that our test models did not have the paddles driving, more enjoyable to change the reports at its own pace in the secondary network surrounding Barcelona. In nervous driving, the management is perfectible.

Made for comfort … and that’s it
Comfort issue, there is nothing to say, especially with the optional air suspension. A real rolling limousine . On the other hand, as soon as you want to have fun, the Swede makes you quickly understand that she is not there to laugh. The suspension is too typical to allow attack while the front axle lacks significant bite. Finally, the management does not transcribe any information. In a caricatured way, it’s about as clumsy as an older generation Audi …

It’s a shame not to have had an idea about the R-Design sport chassis to see if this lack of enthusiasm was corrected. But for all those who are looking for comfort, the XC60 is the product you need .

The XC60 II can rely on its physique to win the favor of the customers (e) s. Its powerful engines are also powerful and pleasant to handle but do not come with a chassis highlighting them …

The most beautiful of the category
Interior presentation
Accreditation / high performance engines

Lack of dynamism

Rating: 15/20
Prices: from € 53,600 (D5 AWD) and € 57,100 (T6 AWD), both in Momentum
CO2: 144 g / km D5 and 176 g / km



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