Record electric car: The battery was perfect

Record electric car: The battery was perfect

The creators of the burned-down electric car (“lekker Mobil”), with which last year a world record trip over 600 kilometers had succeeded, see all doubts about their battery technology invalidated. The company DBM Energy from Berlin, funded with 275,000 euros by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, announced on Friday that the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) had confirmed the safety and efficiency of the cells in an extensive test.

BAM and Ministry of Economy operate capacity

The BAM confirmed the performance, as did the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Critics had said cell technology was not safe. However, only single cells were tested in size of a bar of chocolate, not whole batteries.

Record electric car was burned down

In December, the electric car, in which at that time was not the reigning battery, burned down in a Berlin warehouse. According to DBM Energy, it was arson, who is behind it, is still unclear.

Hummingbird technology put to the test

After the fire, the Ministry of Economy had demanded an in-depth investigation of the battery cells. For example, BAM investigated whether the so-called hummingbird technology is safe under extreme climatic and atmospheric pressure fluctuations, electrical short circuits, overcharging or incorrect polarity as well as under severe mechanical influences such as vibrations, impact and impact.

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