Reliability :The black list of automotive engine failures since 2010

Reliability : list of automotive engine failures since 2010
Turbo seized, injectors or HS water pump, over-consumption of oil, broken distribution … are all defects attributable to modern engines. Proof is in our exclusive survey to download for free.

More reliable, our engines? Warranty company reports, such as manufacturer’s technical notes, tend to prove otherwise. Our experts give you a blacklist of the automotive engine versions to watch and their recurring defects.

Go and talk about the latest generations of engines to old mechanics.You’re sure to get the same nostalgic answer: no more time when a fuel oil ran 300,000 km without glitches. In the space of fifteen years, these runners have donned the clothes of sprinters. To reduce consumption and polluting emissions while improving performance, engine manufacturers have deployed a battery of new technologies (downsizing, turbo …).

On the other side of the coin, it’s the reliability that makes you feel good.  Proof of this is the Euro 5 engines (manufactured from September 2009 to September 2015) whose particle filter is at the root of many technical problems (engine fouling, oil dilution, turbo failure).

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The turbo in the sights

In addition, some types of forgotten failures reappear, such as over-consumption of oil or wear in the distribution chain. The conclusions of Cargarantie’s investigation are irrevocable: the number of engine failures on second-hand vehicles is progressing. In the first line, the supply circuit (injection, turbo …) . This is corroborated by the confidential technical notes of the builders who fed our survey.

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