The equipment and technologies that will make the future of the automobile

We are here to how subject new technologies, new equipment on the boxes. on the citroën stand because we have here. For example, two horses are behind me one. it is she to the time that brought together the maximum of new technologies. Well, we let’s see that today these technologies have of course still extensively evolved. So let’s move on of stands together to show you what is at the forefront of technology.
today is what will also do. Maybe the future of the automobile. We are here on the stand for in the latest generation of Mondeo. The manufacturer has decided to innovate terms of airbags. See here we are at the back of the car and the belts rear seats are equipped with airbags. In case of shock and which protects a little bit the top 100 passengers then belt airbags on the mondeo.
and on the mustang, the novelty is the glove box airbag. We knew the side knee airbag producers. We knew the rebels anti submarining. It is an airbag that comes to be located between the two walls of the box gloves and so that protects the fragile passengers’ knees.
so at Nissan, the innovations go on quite stupidly not painting and that’s important at Nissan. We have two kinds of innovations. We have a painting that is clean all alone. We have a video of you present you’re going to see her in a few moments of the Nissan. Note that is splashed everywhere and that spring practically clean. Nissan also has a fouling and parenting system that is to say little snags of bodywork. a supermarket shopping cart that hangs a little bit of paint and finally.
It would not be alone simply with the spokes of the Sun technological innovations that also goes through motorizations of more and more efficient. So according to the builders, the solutions differ some bet on electrical others like citroën put on a certain type of hybridization in the occurrence of the hybrid. we have here the concept because of these four cactus air for who use this hybrid system.
The goal of the game is to reach the 2 liters to 100. Using a reserve of energy in the form of compressed air which is then restored well a motor hydraulic at Renault. The solution used is different since the concept car baptized and at the lab which is right behind. I use a technology electricity-based hybridization of a vehicle. two side with rechargeable electric batteries but who are second and by an engine thermal the whole thing makes it possible to reach a record consumption of 1 liter per 100 and only 22 grams of co2 rejected. It’s a little bit the future of the car also the concepts it’s good but something concrete. It’s much better than the vehicles rechargeable hybrids.
It already exists in reality. We have found at Toyota, we also find at Volkswagen. Since at side of golf GTI we find now the new Passat version gt e petrol engine 218 horsepower. Horsepower cumulated when we add electric motor 1.7 liters of consumption 35 grams of co2. That’s okay. it’s a little bit like that the future of the automobile who becomes who now combine with the present.
Another innovation in the field of the automobile that we also find in this Passat. It’s driving, autonomous in traffic jams. We had already seen that on the Mercedes class is found now ensures a single quotation mark that is. This equipment is democratizing then we have a direction electric. We have radars and cameras the car follows the one that precedes it in traffic jams. We just need to put your hands on the steering wheel You do not need any more access Rennie to treat and not even need to turn. This is an autonomous driving on. cannot yet let go of the hands of the flying because it’s forbidden by the law. we see that will happen maybe very soon then at Lexus we have a small innovation that can lend to smile but who ultimately could serve a lot of people in the future all who are a little to what their smartphone that is to say. that in this new Enix. We have a charging system by induction of the smartphone. We do not need to plug it in anymore. wire for laying simply in this little receptacle here.
so it works not with the good of course since it’s the old generation. That’s it but we put it down and it recharges automatically. That’s the wireless conclusion of this topic.
On the stand Volvo in front of the new xc90. since finally this is the vehicle that gathers a little bit everything. What we talked about in this subject is a vehicle that could be equipped with hybrid motorization. Of course to bring down the consumption but also of a whole technological arsenal. I’m going to list you because it’s so long I need my Notes.
so we have for example the recognition pedestrians and cyclists breaking automatically in town up to 50 km.

The Volvo paul knows if you have an accident or a worry someone calls you in the car to find out if you are going. Well, you have the parking maneuvers. fully automatic. You have autonomous driving in the traffic jams, You have a connection 4g inside with an access point wifi to share the internet connection. You have access to web radios at Spotify. For example, is also piloting. The car by smartphone ie that you can know from a distance of at home are the headlights. on or off you can check are the doors closed from the correct way. you can check it also with your smartphone that’s brief this vehicle is a little summary of all that is best of best at the technological level today.