Best Accessories for your Car

Hello …. he avoids a heap of accessories for your self that to maintain it. the protected or other I propose a little list of top accessories that can change your life and like these Chronicles. We’re nice to you to find the links of each accessory in the description.

FOBO 4b of the entire system.

Tire pressure monitoring the most successful. How does it work? just download the application on google play or app store is screwed on the four wheels the plugs of beard provided and voila. You now have on this smartphone the pressure of your tires in real time. you can even program and the app to inform you when a sharp drop in pressure outer.

A digital compressor Michelin

This accessory can actually you save. There are times when we need to put pressure on our history. The gas station at is pretty compressor either. We end up in our skin but the compressor of talent Michelin is small compressor electrical that plugs into the socket 12 volts of your baby. I speak well your car do not seek not a 12-volt socket. You put pressure on anyone which moment a memory recorder. Change a battery is super simple but super annoying because all Vehicle settings are reset. But there is a little evening allows saving the memory of the vehicle time to change the battery.

It’s not great keychain security. I do not have it, do not wish. But it can happen that after overconfidence or a moment careless you find yourself stuck by your belt or sinking in a lag web you never know. This little term keychain is to break the windows of your vehicle and cut your belt if this one prevents you from feeling an FM transmitter. if you want in an old why if she is really a model ultra perfected Drobo had been turned into this old park anger because I congratulate you when you persevere passion but he must admit that some details like calling it hands-free or music by turns and still strong appreciable so here is the accessory ultimate to give a youthful look than two cars an FM transmitter the principle it transmits on a radio frequency the music by USB Bluetooth where calls them a super history.

The water-repellent fluids

After having seen the result of a product of refuge on the windshield of a car. I am conquered by this technology the fluid that of refuge August 30. Your glazed surfaces water repellent the rain is going so slipped on three breezes. Snow will have a lot more trouble hanging on your windshield. A really accessory very useful anti-theft. This lock is placed between your brake pedals and your flying. It’s very useful when you go on the trip or that the other vehicle must stay immobilized for a long time. You will already do a little more reassured with this antelope.

The Garmin 55 range dash

it’s not a classic dash Cannes. For those who do not know a dash Cannes is a small camera that films in continuously to reuse these images in litigation or make the buzz on youtube if you witness a football tube the particularity of the quiet one. It has an integrated accelerometer that detects abrupt changes in steering speed that occurs during an accident to save automatically the cult sequence. It will gradually erase the rest of the sequences that’s all for me. I hope that this little man would have been useful to you.