The 10 Most Modern Cars That Will Come Out in 2018 (1)

Hello and welcome everyone with the close to the year 2018. The builders start exposing the cars the more luxurious the most modern which will be launched on the market at the beginning of theĀ  Year. Some cars are exceptional and are considered the most expected but also as the most popular in this video we’re going to see together the top ten modern cars that will come out in 2018.

Tesla model 3

Millions of people all over the world are waiting for the launch of the new model of the Tesla electric car. That gets characterized by its reasonable price since it is entirely manufactured by the company. This despite its huge budget. The new model Tesla account many unique features of their kind in addition to his respect for the environment. This model is characterized by its new modern design. Its transparent roof and the width of the many supports in more than its fast charging capability making it a perfect example of luxury and comfort.

Brings together the cockpit it is equipped with a system modern and stylish lighting in addition an equipped air conditioning system of a filter in efficiency equates to that of air conditioners in our car thanks to its capacity to eliminate 99 97% of bacteria from allergenic and various materials toxic substances which makes it so safer compared to other cars. The Tesla car was designed for a capacity of 5 places more. It has a chest with a capacity of 400 liters. It can ride on 350 km with an only recharge as it can go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds. This car costs 35000 euros.

Ferrari ff xii

According to the statements of a man who wished to preserve anonymity. The future Ferrari f12 add the letter m to his name to become the Ferrari ff xii 2018. Well, that in terms of design we can expect several transformations aesthetic the essential. Remains to the traits will be more athletic and more dynamic yet. However, it is the mechanical increase, which will hold our attention. The v12 6.3 liters will increase to 6.5 liters with this increase in capacity the v12 will go from 730 to 800 more horsepower.

The f 12 m will follow in the footsteps of his big sister the Ferrari gt 4 with his four directional wheels. Always with a view to making even more performance the transmission will drop 30% the response time during top gear changes and 40% during demotions according to the individual the 12th sap will be able to accomplish the 0 to 100 km time under the 3 seconds and the 0 to 200 kilometers an hour in less than 8 for all the details however we will have to wait some more time nobody knows exactly how much considering the importance of the model in the Ferrari range you can find this racing car at the next show the car of Geneva next march for the price none confirmation but it is unlikely that the bill goes under the four one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Lexus ls 500

Here is the new model of the car is Lexus 500. Which represents the design of the fifth generation and that has become more elegant and more practical than before. There is indeed this important chassis that through the crankcase to unite with a set-aside. This class gets also distinguishes old models by designing front headlights. Thanks to their attractive. The attractive form that pleases in the eyes this new model combines force and elegance thing. That is reflected in the design of the passenger compartment. This is seen at the level of a virtual dashboard and the new system for presenting data on the window.

Actually the car is equipped with a tactile dashboard that allows to implement all the car functions raya notch passing the hand on the car owner can then carefully studied the instructions in order to understand how benefit properly from all features and this despite the presence an electronic assistant the front seats were equipped with electrical connections in addition to air conditioning heating systems and massages as the rear seats they were more padded to ensure a better comfort dorsal the model it’s 500 has also been improved by a gasoline engine with a capacity of 6 liters 5 and a bi turbo of a power of 415 horses remember that the new car will be also equipped with automatic driving with a gearbox of ten reports in addition to a number of additional parameters and four drive wheels according to the forecasts this car does not will cost not less than 120 thousand euros.

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