2018 Audi A8 : Most Modern Cars will Came Out 2018

The Most Modern Cars That Will Come Out in 2018 (2)

Audi a8

the new model of the Audi a8 is a concentrated technique imaginable and unimaginable.Indeed almost everything works from the tactile way in this car that has a virtual dashboard. The central control unit has by has been replaced by a touch screen with the ability to read the signaling and the ability to interact with other things. with the cars that roll and predict the dangers on the road what constitutes a considerable advance in the universe automotive

This new model also enjoys an autonomous driving system. The artificial intelligence system, the car can put itself in the place of the driver and become autonomous in case of traffic jams which characterizes. The plus this new model is autonomy thanks to a large arsenal of various detection equipment cameras and laser headlights for a complete vision. The most surprising in this new Audi model is its ability to stop in case of drowsiness during the driving. It is also equipped with shock absorber ventilated and a reading system of gestures in addition to a massage device. Feet, in addition, it is possible to do the choice between a petrol turbo engine and respectively of diesel capacity 3 liters -4 liters. The power that varies from 280 horses and 460 horses. Knowing that the highest version of this class has an engine Bentley with a capacity of 6 liters and with a power of 5185 horses. It is expected that future releases which will be launched will have a 4.4 traction system and will not cost not less than 98 thousand euros

the Mercedes class

has in its beginnings in 1997. The mercedes class has and is a small city car with the look of minivan that was cracking families for his Versatile side in dimensions contained but the mark at the star has changed strategy in 2012 with the third generation by proposing a compact premium competing bmw series 1 and audi a3 for his fourth generation that will arrive in 2018 by the way probably in March at the geneva lounge the german keeps the same philosophy a compact and stylish sedan but a little more livable thanks to a wheelbase slightly elongated and a new platform mf to bmw eight series cut off among cars whose launch is planned at the beginning of the new year include the bmw eight series cut an artistic and magical piece thanks to its components and its fires phosphorescent it’s huge euros and its comfortable interior illuminated by all the sides this in addition to the modern sports seats and elegant adjustable and covered with a beautiful natural leather and smooth as for others delicate components of the car they are made of aluminum with a high rate of carbon fiber this car is in turn endowed with a touch dashboard that allows the control and control of assistive features of the car ideally place so as to facilitate its use this in addition to a turbo engine a capacity of 4 liters and a power of 4,162 horses and 600 horses the taurus crate was fixed on a base. I step tronic with a complete system four-wheel drive.  A system xdrive according to the first forecasts the first model of the new generation of class 8 will not cost less than 120 thousand euros

Mercedes Benz s class

the new mercedes-benz s class has been modernized by improving air conditioning and by expanding the ventilation grid at the level of the part before the lighting system also been improved outside the fixation low and side lights modernization and improvement is seen clearly at the dashboard indeed the steering wheel is equipped with a touch panel to allow the driver to have a virtual vision in more of the remote start system the automatic anti-collision system the remote control thanks to smartphones and wireless charging smartphones by the way the new mercedes benz is able to stop completely and autonomously at where the driver would fall asleep on the steering wheel a new engine also been added to the car this is a turbo engine 4 4 gasoline a power 612 horsepower in addition to another triple motor with a horsepower of 280 horses or of 340 horses adjustments made at the level of engines also relates to the development of the gearbox of the car which now counts 9 gears the luxurious version mercedes amg s63 was equipped with a motor of a capacity of 4 liters and a power of 612 horses which allows him to to travel a distance of a few hundreds of meters in seconds this speed can accelerate up reach 300 kilometers per hour on expected cost of this new model and 240000 euros the flying car not lifted liberty soon the end of the second world war already imagined flying cars browse the sky at the

beginning of the new millennium several science fiction books predicted great developments in this which relates to the circulation and means of transport but as you doubt the urban transport system is still terrestrial and cars flying are still at the stage of prototype however, several companies have attempted in vain to create the flying car marketable says mechanical breakage of security problems or just a purchase and maintenance cost huge we pushed his projects towards the bin now a company dutch not raised tries the blow in launching his first model marketable the liberty unlike the n184 this flying car is presented as the perfect balance between a car from road and a vehicle flying on roads the vehicle requires a little less than 9 seconds to reach the 100 km per hour and its maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour its 100 horsepower motor allows a reasonable consumption of 7.6 liters to 100 km and a range of over 1300 km in aerial mode the vehicle can reach 180 kilometers per hour thanks to a 200 horsepower engine however the most impressive of morals and statistics of flight not lifted takes off with a runway only 330 meters in length and two people on board unfortunately its price remains little accessible at the company Dutch talking about a scale of price varying between 400 thousand six hundred thousand US dollars depending on the model bought of course such a price you will be entitled to some lessons with a instructor especially close to your place of residence question deadlines the company indicates a pre-production beginner during the year 2010 is for a delivery late 2018 these were the top ten cars modern that happens in 2018 if you could buy any of these beautiful cars which one would you have chosen me I admit I’m not against the car flying but I await your opinion in comment it’s all for today.

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